The SURF ERA Surf Park concept is based on a modular system. Our clients pick the desired additional facilities that complement the wave pool – the consistent feature in every Surf Park. We will provide a concept that is tailored to a broad variety of locations, environments and climates.

Our key goal is to build a unique place for the visitors while keeping low operational and embodied energy at the forefront of the process. In general, our intention is to make surfing more popular and accessible to everyone by bringing the sport and lifestyle to landlocked areas of the world. The concept is composed of three fundamental and unique principles:

365 days

SURF ERA Surf Parks can be equipped with roof constructions that maintain daylight quality and a genuine perception of being outdoors. Our aspiration is to provide an authentic, year-round surf environment with comfortable temperatures at any time.

Three options, created with our partners schlaich bergermann partner and Grimshaw, will cover most global locations: No roof – for stable, warm-temperate climates, retractable and static.

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A retractable roof can be opened or closed depending on the season and weather conditions. In either warm or cold regions, the closed roof insulates the pool and surfers from harsh climate extremes, while an open position exposes the surfers to wind, sun and blue skies – an undeniably outdoor experience.



A static roof construction, created from highly transparent ETFE, creates the genuine impression of being outdoors while offering permanent shelter. The static roof will consolidate both the wave pool and all adjacent buildings under its span.


Aspiring to net-zero carbon and lowering embodied and operational energy is a top priority when designing and planning our Surf Parks. Our initial master plan concept has been developed with the overarching objective to reduce its carbon footprint to an absolute minimum. Additionally, the architectural design integrates opportunities for renewable energy production on-site. Together with EGS-Plan, we have designed the overall energy strategy for our Surf Park concept.

Reduce CO₂ emissions

Driven by the goal to reduce the entire carbon footprint of the Surf Park to a minimum, we use only simple structural elements and prefabricated building modules made of wood and recycled materials where possible. In addition, manufacturing these components off-site greatly reduces waste.

Renewable energy on-site

Inspired by the ocean, we aspire to produce waves without requiring any energy from the power grid. Renewable energy can be produced and stored on-site, and by using cutting-edge energy supply, storage and transformation technologies, the Surf Park can exchange energy with the local power grid. We aim for the wave pool operation to be totally net-zero carbon.


Our Surf Parks are based on modular architectural systems, providing the opportunity of expansion or on-site adaption over time. The entire architectural and master plan concept was developed by internationally-renowned architects Grimshaw.

Wave Generator

The wave pool can be built in various dimensions dependent on the constraints of different sites. SURF ERA can provide recommendations for the best wave-generating technology from market-leading suppliers.


By using prefabricated building modules, the building structures can be modified to suit any site. The building modules will also provide flexibility in terms of further expansion in later stages, or even for reuse at another location. Off-site manufacture of these modules reduces waste and improves quality.


While dimensions and appearance of roof designs will vary to meet site constraints, any design will provide a transparent and thermal shell to maintain the best surfing atmosphere and moderated temperature. The lightweight roof system minimises steel tonnage which, in turn, reduces embodied carbon.

Size your Surf Park

From the wave pool, over the roof construction to the building structure, all components of the SURF ERA concept are modular and flexible. This allows us to adapt to the location – dependent environmental factors. Together with our partners we are able to develop contemporary and unique Surf Park venues.